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Old Town Hall

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28 Park Street
Belchertown, MA 01007

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General Information
Come host your birthday party or play some pick-up basketball, our Old Town Hall facility is available for rent!
*Rental time includes setup and cleanup*

Please note the facility calendar changes constantly and not all information could be 100% up to date at the time of reservation request. 

Rental Information
  •  No tables or chairs are provided
  •  No PROPPING open doors
  •  No Drugs and/or alcohol
  •  No glass containers
  •  No bands or D.J.’s
  •  No bouncy houses
  •  No hockey,rollerblades/roller-skates/skateboards/soccer
  •  No use of baseball/softball bats

  •  Make arrangements to pick up key at the Rec Dept. prior to requested time/day
  •  Sweep and spot clean any spills
  • Pick up all trash
  • Remove trash from facility (bring trash home for disposal)
  • Ensure that no individuals are left in the facility
  • Shut off all lights (switches located to the right of the soda machine)
  • Secure all doors (facility)
  • Drop off key at the Belchertown Recreation Department Office IMMEDIATELY after use (drop-off slot-after hrs side door)

Fee Schedule

Non-profit/Private $10.00 per hour   
For Profit/Groups/Business $50.00 per hour

Facility Areas

Current Activities

Click on an activity name for details or the date for the activity schedule.


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Program Activity Teams Date Time
Zumba Zumba - Beginners - Mondays Monday January 21, 2019 06:30 PM - 07:30 PM
Zumba Zumba - Beginners - Mondays Monday January 28, 2019 06:30 PM - 07:30 PM
Zumba Zumba - Beginners - Mondays Monday February 11, 2019 06:30 PM - 07:30 PM